måndag 6 juni 2011

A short notice of a period of me being absent

Hello! I'm going to Berlin for an exchange program for a week, I very afraid that I can't blog from there. Sorry guys :(

I will try not to eat any vegetables, and as for you I give you a whole album to listen through.

 Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral

A great album that you have to listen to from start to end to appreciate fully, especially the madness at the end.

Also, here's a (semi)happy song to make you feel better afterwards: 
 (to all you punk haters, it's incredibly chill)

torsdag 2 juni 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you about me. Yesterday my summer has started. That's about it, that was my last day of school. (unofficially) Officially I quit school next friday, but today we celebrate Jesus the Greats' ascension with no school (that's 1-0 to religion). And next week I'm going to Berlin with an exchange program. I don't count that as education.
<<Insert grateful caption>>
I still haven't gotten used to the idea of summer, but whatever. I'm atleast trying. Here's some summery music, band is called Beirut, they play eastern european folk mixed with pop or whatever. This particular song is pretty jazzy.

tisdag 31 maj 2011

An apology

Sorry for sundays' bieber if it did upset anyone I'm sorry. :)

Going to compensate with some Bowie. A great track you just start to dance to. I for one have that urge. Before that here's an update as I said a couple posts ago that I would go to Dungen. It was yesterday and absolutely fantastic. It's also good to know that there are alot of hippies in Stockholm. There you have it, and here you have some David Bowie:

söndag 29 maj 2011

Saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie yesterday. Got kind of what I expected: A decent movie, no more. I have one question if anyone could answer, spoiler alert:

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Anyway I spent half an hour looking for a way to put spoiler tags. Heh, pretty unnecessary...

So here's a great song!!!!!!!1


fredag 27 maj 2011

Math win

I'm pretty happy. Got back the national exam in math. I almost aced the whole test, missed 2 semi-big points and 2 big. That's an awesome percentage and will I boast about it. :) The best part is that I didn't study at all. A new way of life! Got back a PE test (yes, test) which I almost didn't pass. Didn't study on that either :). Well it shouldn't matter. I'm still happy, celebrating with math rock. Here's battles:

(let me insert something in your mind while listening to the speeded lyrics, "Evil woman, evil woman eat a sandwich." You can't unhear it :D)
I think it was something else I should say. No whatever.

torsdag 26 maj 2011

More music from up north!

Swedish psychadelic rockband Dungen (the Grove) is super-awesome! I've wanted to listen to them for a long time and gave them a try today. As you can see I was astonished.
The band with it's 60's hippie music mixed with Swedish folk and progg (a political music movement with some great swedish bands fronting.) makes a great vibe. And what's best is that I'm going to see them on monday. Oh yes, yes, yes! Here's their song Panda.

Spotify link: Dungen – Panda

tisdag 24 maj 2011

Guess who's ill?

I'm not, hopefully. But Dexter is criminally insane, that boy needs therapy.

The Avalanches is an aussie turntable/mixing group. Their music is almost fully from different samplings, which they've mixed into awesome danceable tracks. I discovered them recently, their album since I left you  is great. Take this song, Frontier Psychiatrist. Almost everything is sampled from old tv shows and movies. After a few listens you're guaranteed to know every word, they are... Memorable.

 (again a great video)